We grab attention and create lasting impressions.

We like to think we’re shaking things up a bit by delivering unparalleled service to brands that we are truly passionate about. Following our passion is very important to us, and this is why we focus on the natural and allergy friendly product industries.

We currently staff and organize over 4,000 events per year and continually strive to deliver the best experience and talent possible! We encourage creating client relationships that feel more like an extension of the brand instead of dealing with an outside agency.

Trade Show Models

We have the most talented, smiley, self-motivated, energetic trade show models around! We hand select everyone on our team. You won’t find better rates for such beauty AND brains!

In-Store Sampling

Get the success your brand needs by going right for the source. Increase sales and brand awareness within a store, and a very targeted demographic. How do you expect shoppers to spot your product out of hundreds on the shelf? 9 times out of 10, they buy what they know. Demos are a necessity for new brands!

Event Gift Bags

If you put on an event and you’d like to create some buzz around it and draw more attendees, let us help with our gift bag services! We will tailor to each event, and there are many tactics that can be used with the bags to help make your event an even bigger success. Many events find this to be an affordable and perfect addition that creates lasting impressions on attendees. All events are considered, from trade shows, to networking events, to weddings, or corporate meetings. We’re always up for collaborating in unique ways and are all ears if you’d like to chat with us!

Product Seeding

Need to get your products in the hands of consumers and have limited funds? We have relationships with many companies across the nation, including large corporate headquarters with thousands of employees. If you have a product people would use at work, we have the connections to get it in their hands for low or even no cost to you aside from product and our coordination fees. The same goes for a product associated with health, fitness, or yoga.

Street Teams

Increase brand awareness by targeting mass crowds of commuters and event goers specifically relevant to your brand! Pass out flyers, coupons, product samples, etc. Not sure where to start? We can help, we have staff that know their cities like the back of their hands and have experience with these programs. Let us “pound the pavement” for you!

Social Media

We can help with any social media channel, no matter how small or how large the need. We can help grow your followings and your engagement! Click All Services to find out more.


Need some attention? We’ll help you get it!

What puts a smile on our face.

Our passions within this industry are many, but there are a few that were near and dear to us, and we wanted to make a change when we started out! Being able to work the way we feel is most ethical with our staff, and also with brands we’re passionate about makes us very happy campers.

When staffing, it’s really important that we take the time to really get to know each potential staff member before they work, instead of just booking someone based off of a photo and an email. All staff will go through a multi-step application process. First, they submit an app via our website, then visit our video interview. From there, in major metros, we hold “Meet & Greets” where we meet many of them in person. For smaller cities, we do a series of solo and group Skype interviews. You will never catch us hiring someone from just an email, without ever even hearing their voice or seeing them. We want to know what we’re getting, because it’s important to us that we can make the right recommendations to our clients, and that they will be happy with our staff. It’s also doubly important to us to get the best of the best, and having been in the industry over a decade, we know the best of the best get paid better rates and want to be paid in a timely fashion. So, we always pay our staff what they’re worth and within 14-30 business days. In turn, they respect us more for it, and we rarely have any issues with them because we have such great, respectful relationships.

When representing brands, we have a soft spot for specialty product choices that include non-gmo, organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised, gluten free, allergy friendly, low-glycemic, eco-friendly, sustainable and vegan products. We care about what we put in and on our bodies, how we impact the environment, and how animals are treated… and so do our staff.

This is the stuff that makes us tick.


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