We offer a variety of services in the marketing and PR fields. Our passions lie with healthier product choices that include, but are certainly not limited to, non-gmo, organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised, gluten free, allergy friendly, low-glycemic, eco-friendly, sustainable and vegan products. We care about what we put in and on our bodies and how we impact the environment, and so do our staff.

In-Store Sampling

Get the success your brand needs by going right for the source. Increase sales and brand awareness within a store, and a very targeted demographic. How do you expect shoppers to spot your product out of hundreds on the shelf? 9 times out of 10, they buy what they know. Demos are a necessity for new brands!

Trade Show Models

We have the most talented, smiley, self-motivated, energetic trade show models around! We hand select everyone on our team. You won’t find better rates for such beauty AND brains!

Product Seeding

Need to get your products in the hands of consumers and have limited funds? We have relationships with many companies across the nation, including large corporate headquarters with thousands of employees. If you have a product people would use at work, we have the connections to get it in their hands for low or even no cost to you aside from product and our coordination fees. The same goes for a product associated with health, fitness, or yoga.

Street Teams

Increase brand awareness by targeting mass crowds of commuters and event goers specifically relevant to your brand! Pass out flyers, coupons, product samples, etc. Not sure where to start? We can help, we have staff that know their cities like the back of their hands and have experience with these programs. Let us “pound the pavement” for you!

Event Management

Let us handle all of the details for your upcoming events so you don’t have to! From trade shows, to launch parties, to networking events, to festival booths; we’ve got you covered! Our management staff is full of industry veterans that know the ins and outs of any event and can think on their feet.


Need some attention? We’ll help you get it!

Social Media

We can help with any social media channel, no matter how small or how large the need. We can help grow your followings and your engagement! Click All Services to find out more.


Brand Greet is an awesome company to work for!  The staff are friendly, flexible, and very good about communication and making sure you have all you need to be successful while in the field.  In addition, they make sure you’re compensated very quickly (within a week or 2) of your events, which makes it all the more worthwhile! Laura B.

I work with Brand Greet as a promotional and trade show model, and they are great! I know I can call about any questions and concerns, and they are great at communicating with us. They are a great company to work for. They pay well, they’re flexible, and they’re very friendly. When I’m working with Brand Greet, I know they have my back. Daniel S.

My favorite promotional agency I’ve worked with, yet! Brand Greet knows their stuff – and has a particular talent for finding exceptional brand ambassadors.

As a client, my most recent experience with Brand Greet was simply refreshing. Our Brand Ambassadors were the perfect fit – from personality to appearance, they nailed it – and I never had to worry about them doing their job.

The agency owner exudes professionalism, brand awareness, and attention to detail. Knowing she was on top of things, meant I could focus on my work. Thanks for the excellent service! I can’t wait to work with them again. Elizabeth S.

Brand Greet’s staff always showed up on time, looked great, and had great personalities! We certainly owe part of our show’s success to their trade show models!