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We love our team!

At Brand Greet, we place the highest value on our staff. They are the direct line of communication for many consumers’ first interactions with a brand. If that’s not important, we don’t know what is. They are the core of our brand experiences, therefore the core of this agency. This is why we hire only the best and treat them as such.

I work with Brand Greet as a promotional and trade show model, and they are great! I know I can call about any questions and concerns, and they are great at communicating with us. They are a great company to work for. They pay well, they’re flexible, and they’re very friendly. When I’m working with Brand Greet, I know they have my back.

Daniel S.

Brand Greet is an awesome company to work for!  The staff are friendly, flexible, and very good about communication and making sure you have all you need to be successful while in the field.  In addition, they make sure you’re compensated very quickly (within a week or 2) of your events, which makes it all the more worthwhile!

Laura B.



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