Our Niche

Our passions within this industry are many, but there are a few that were near and dear to us and we think are noteworthy. After a decade in this industry, we wanted to make a change when we started out! Being able to work the way we feel is most ethical with our staff and clients, and also with brands we’re passionate about makes us very happy campers.

When staffing, it’s really important that we take the time to really get to know each potential staff member before they work. All staff will go through a multi-step application process. First, they submit an app via our website, then visit our video interview. From there, in major metros, we hold “Meet & Greets” where we meet many of them in person. For smaller cities, we do a serious of solo and group Skype interviews. Even in smaller cities, if we are hiring for a large program, we will have someone on the ground in that city help conduct in person interviews. You will never catch us hiring someone from just an email, without ever even hearing their voice or seeing them. We want to know what we’re getting, because it’s important to us that we can make the right recommendations to our clients, and that they will be happy with our staff. It’s also very important to us to get the best of the best, and we know the cream of the crop get paid better rates and want to be paid in a timely fashion. If they aren’t, they have NO trouble finding work with agencies that will do so. So, we always pay our staff what they’re worth and within 14-30 business days. In turn, they respect us more for it, and we rarely have any issues with them because we have such great relationships.

Lastly, when representing brands, who doesn’t want to represent brands they believe in?! We feel it is extremely important to be good to yourself and our planet with the products we use and consume everyday! Our passion for healthy, organic, sustainable, craft, handmade, allergy friendly products has led us to make this our specialty. We also believe in having like-minded individuals on our team that exude positive, caring, passion for your brands!